Control Panels


Cryofin will assess and incorporate all the necessary instrumentation for your project to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of the design.

From simple flow or pressure control measures to highly complex gas dosing or metering panels, Cryofin ensures meeting the customer’s requirements in the most cost effective manner.

instrumentation and control panels by Cryofin Pty Ltd
  • - PLC Control Panels
  • - Instrument Control Panels
  • - Regulating Control Panels
  • - Fluid Dosing Panels
  • - Gas Dosing Panels
  • - Gas Mixing Systems
  • - Integrated Electronic Control Systems
  • - Flow Meters
  • - Valving

Control and Automation of Gases and Fluids:

instrumentation and gas control panels

Cryofin design and install new refrigerant cylinder filling plant.

Over 3,000 meters of stainless steel pipe and tube, valves, pumps, control systems, linking 400 tonnes of refrigerant to the cyclinder filling system. Cylinder filling system is fully automated for 12 refrigerants plus virgin reclaim.
instrumentation and flow control panels

Cryofin design, manufacture, install and commission completely automated cylinder filling systems.

Systems include industrial and medical filling systems. Our medical systems are approved by The Theraputic Goods Administration (TGA). Filling systems to standard 300 barg pressures for all gases.


Cryofin has the inhouse capabilities to design and manufacture complete turnkey systems.
Besides the mechanical instrumentation, Cryofin has the capabilities to design a completely integrated electronic control system. Offering a range of PLC options, programming, development of logic and Support for most popular brands of PLC and electronic instrumentation.