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R & D:

Research and development projects form a significant part of Cryofin’s business and we pride ourselves on our ability to find creative and innovative solutions in quite complex or unique situations. Cryofin's latest work has just been Patented. cryoTHOR™ The more R & D conducted, the better it gets. Watch this space for further developments and anouncements...

The majority of the projects are at pre-commercialisation stage and therefore command high degrees of confidentiality between customers, Cryofin and our suppliers. Government agencies, universities, energy and mining companies and private enterprise looking to further expand their cutting edge technologies call upon our conceptualisation skills and superior attention to detail. Our research projects have attracted funding of millions of dollars.
We deliver!

cryofin research and development
  • - High Pressure Reactors

  • - Hydrogen Reactors

  • - Gasification

  • - Syngas and Biofuels

  • - Biomass and Biochar

  • - Pyrolysis

  • - Renewable Energy

  • - Aerospace Rocket Engine Testing

Prototypes and Pilot Plants, our speciality:

cryofin research and development
Prototype Gasification Rig

Development of gasification pilot rig for Curtin University, Western Australia, to convert biomass low rank fuel into “clean” combustible gaseous fuel or synthesis gas. This was part of a project that led to the award of $3.6M from the Australian federal government (ARENA) to scale up the technology by over 20 times. Cryofin Pty Ltd were project partners and manufacturer. For more information, visit the curtin or ARENA website directly.
cryofin research and development
Rocket Propulsion System

Cryofin designed the cryogenic equipment used by the engine of a rocket propulsion system for future aim of manufacturing a supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle. For further details, visit the Grollo Aviation web site.

cryofin research and development

Innovative R & D leads to exciting new design for Linde in Australia!

It is our design capabilities that stand out from the crowd. Cryofin Pty Ltd's Water Heated Vaporizers remove the need for cumbersome ambient vaporizers in CO2 raw water stabilisation applications. With little temperature differential available for ambient vaporizers, it makes sense to utilise an energy source that is already present. In this particular application, a side stream of water at 30 L/s and 10 deg C passes through our heat exchangers which is vaporizing in excess of 1,000 kg /h of CO2 in each unit. Cryofin's unique proprietary heat exchanger design perfectly complements Linde's patented dissolution technology. Manufactured entirely from 316 stainless steel and fully compliant to international codes and standards, our water heated vaporisers are a market leading example of innovation and creative design.