vacuum jacketed piping

VJ Pipe Specialists

Cryofin design and manufacture one of the worlds best Vacuum Jacketed Piping Systems.

Cryofin understands and appreciates high vacuum technology and what is required to design and build truely excellent systems.
A well designed and fabricated vacuum piping system will provide years of maintenence free results.

vacuum jacketed piping

  • - Benchmark in Design Excellence

  • - Superior Fabrication Skills

  • - Bayonet or Field Weld Joints

  • - International Design Codes

  • - Welding to International Standards

  • - Guaranteed Vacuum Retention levels

  • - Outstanding Performance

  • - Very Low Heat Inleak Rates

  • - Cleaning to Oxygen Clean Standards

  • - Quality Management Systems

More than just vacuum jacketed pipe

vacuum jacketed piping

Our unique and proprietary bayonet design is second to none. It just out performs all others with design pressures to 40 barg and will not leak.
Simple to install, it will not leak and offers very low heat inleak. These are very important factors when choosing a vacuum insulated piping system. We offer the complete size range of on site butt weld options; ideal for cryogenic plant applications.

vacuum jacketed piping

Every bayonet is an eight bolt, double seal design that is a benchmark in design excellence with outstanding performance. With an unparalleled track record the Cryofin Pty Ltd bayonet connection design is the best choice and decision an VJP customer could ask for.

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New Vacuum Jacketed Piping at VCCC

The Vacuum Jacketed Piping system for the new billion dollar Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne was designed and manufactured by Cryofin Pty Ltd.
On the 17th July this state-of-the-art facility was officially opened by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. The Vacuum Jacketed Piping system is approximately 150 m in length and reticulates through two main cryo-storage areas and is designed to cater for up to 55 cryogenic ( 80K -190oC ) freezers. There are also manual fill points for non-pressurised dewars and a dual autofill station for pressurised vessels. The Cryofin Vacuum Jacketed Piping system is renowned because of its "leak free" bayonet design, overall vacuum integrity and ability to offer a complete and competitive turnkey package.

We just do it better...

The Cryofin vacuum jacketed pipe have all the accessories to compliment the design of a complete system.

This includes gas vents, gas phase separators, vacuum insulated valves, vent heaters, differencial pressure systems, VJ flexible hoses available in all sizes, combined evacuation port and safety bursting disk. We guarantee the vacuum level of our VJ Pipe. We pull a high vacuum that can be maintained when hot and retension tests between 48 and 72 hours are conducted before packing and delivery release.