Cryogenic Vaporizers

Vaporizers, design and innovation:

Cryofin design and manufacture a range of vaporizers to suit most applications. Whether it is for industrial or medical systems, we have a design to suit.

All pressures are catered for, from low pressure ambient units to high pressure lined systems for cylinder filling applications.
Lined units are normally 316 stainless steel or Monel 400 for oxygen applications.

Cryogenic Vaporizer
  • - Ambient Atmospheric Vaporizers

  • - Ambient Lined High Pressure Vaporizers

  • - Forced Draft Vaporizers

  • - Electrically Heated Vaporizers

  • - Shell and Tube Vaporizers

  • - Hot Water Bath Vaporizers

  • - Steam Heated Vaporizers

  • - Water Heated Vaporizers

  • - For All Cryogenic Liquids

New cryogenic Vaporizer patented - 2016

New patent for cryogenic Vaporizers - cryoTHOR™

Cryofin's "New" cryogenic vaporizer designs are:

  • - "smaller" footprint
  • - "smaller" volume of aluminum
  • - "smaller" cost to manufacture
  • - "smaller" raw material costs
  • - "smaller" transport costs
And yet, is:

  • - more efficient
  • - longer duty cycles
  • - can last over twice as long
  • - will revolutionize the cryogenic vaporizer market
  • - Yes it iis a BIG deal
Cryofin's new cryogenic vaporizer design is ground-breakingly innovative because it really challenges the thinking of the industry that has resisted change for decades. After 25 years of designing cryogenic vaporizers, Cryofin's persistence has discovered an innovative solution to the "bigger is better" problem. It's ironic that as Cryofin ramps down its ambient vaporizer business in Australia due to our excessively high labour costs, this new design will enable us to be far more competitive than any of our opposition. Cryofin is actively looking for partner(s) who can demonstate an ability to take this new product to the global market, which could also include licensing of our VJ Pipe products outside of Australia.
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Over 3,500 Units Designed and Installed Globally !

Cryofin Pty Ltd has manufactured many cryogenic ambient, high pressure, electric, shell & tube and steam bath vaporizers that are presently in operation all over the world.

cryogenic vaporizer
Special applications: Fan Forced vaporizers for an ammonium nitrate Plant.

Aluminium sheeting for external vaporizer shroud and low noise axial fans with aluminium blades for forced draft. There are options for a switching systems for cycling vaporizers from one bank to another, as well as low temperature shut down, alarm, bypass, restricted flow etc.

cryogenic vaporizer
High Pressure 316 stainless steel or Monel 400 lined vaporizers for a gas cylinder filling applications.

Standard vaporizer linings are 316 stainless steel and heat exchange surface area is aluminium-finned extrusion but there are options for other speciality alloys or Monel 400. All models may be fitted with axial fans, vaporizer sides may be sheeted or left open depending on application and duty cycles.