Cryofin Pty Ltd

Cryofin Pty Ltd

Cryofin has proven design and manufacturing experience in the cryogenic and industrial gases sectors. With 25 years of repeat business, we thank those customers for their continued ongoing support. We encourage other businesses that could equally benefit from our extensive product range and technical knowhow to contact us to find out more.

Our standard range of products include: Cryogenic Vaporisers, Vacuum Insulated Piping, Gas Control Systems and Instrumentation, Complex piping Systems and Research and Development of not only our own products, but in association and Partnership with other organisations.


Our range of vaporisers includes: Atmospheric Ambient Air, Forced Ambient Air, electricity, water or steam. These can be for low pressure or high pressure applications and made from a variety of different materials subject to the fluid being vaporised.

Design and Manufacturing Codes

We meet Australian and international standards. Vaporiser design and fabrication codes are ASME VIII Div1 or to ASME B31.3 and as a standard requirement all our welders are qualified to ASME IX.

Hazardous Area Applications
There are many options for meeting hazardous area zone classifications and ensuring that the strictest safety related equipment and compliance are adheard to.

Switching Systems

There are options for a switching systems for cycling vaporizers from one bank to another, as well as low temperature shut down, alarm, bypass, restricted flow, control by time, temperature or both, etc.

cryoTHOR new patented design

This new patented design is undergoing rigerous optimisation prototyping to ensure we release the most suitable product to the market, to meet all new application requirements and as an upgrade to existing aplications. More on this will be released very soon.

Cryofin fan forced vaporisers

We pride ourselves on Quality, Performance, Competitiveness and above all customer satification. Contact Cryofin now for all your vaporiser requirements.

Cryofin ambient vaporisers

Range Includes:

  • - Ambient Atmospheric Vaporizers

  • - Ambient Lined High Pressure Vaporizers

  • - Forced Draft Vaporizers

  • - Electrically Heated Vaporizers

  • - Shell and Tube Vaporizers

  • - Hot Water Bath Vaporizers

  • - Steam Heated Vaporizers

  • - Water Heated Vaporizers

  • - For All Cryogenic Liquids

Vacuum Insulated Piping

Cryofin understands and appreciates high vacuum technology and what is required to design and build truely excellent systems.
A well designed and fabricated vacuum piping system will provide years of maintenence free results.

Every bayonet is an eight bolt, double seal design that is a benchmark in design excellence with outstanding performance. With an unparalleled track record the Cryofin Pty Ltd bayonet connection design is the best choice and decision an VJP customer could ask for.

The Cryofin Vacuum Jacketed Piping system is renowned because of its "leak free" bayonet design, overall vacuum integrity and ability to offer a complete and competitive turnkey package.

The Cryofin vacuum jacketed pipe have all the accessories to compliment the design of a complete system.

This includes gas vents, gas phase separators, vacuum insulated valves, vent heaters, differencial pressure systems, VJ flexible hoses available in all sizes, combined evacuation port and safety bursting disk. We guarantee the vacuum level of our VJ Pipe. We pull a high vacuum that can be maintained when hot and retension tests between 48 and 72 hours are conducted before packing and delivery release.

Cryofin Vacuum Insulated Piping

Cryofin Vacuum Insulated Piping

We offer statndrd bayonet joint systems as well as butt welded site joint piping. Contact us to discuss the options available.

  • - Benchmark in Design Excellence
  • - Superior Fabrication Skills
  • - Bayonet or Field Weld Joints
  • - International Design Codes
  • - Welding to International Standards
  • - Guaranteed Vacuum Retention levels
  • - Outstanding Performance
  • - Very Low Heat Inleak Rates
  • - Cleaning to Oxygen Clean Standards
  • - Quality Management Systems

Our unique and proprietary bayonet design is second to none. It just out performs all others with design pressures to 40 barg and will not leak.
Simple to install, it will not leak and offers very low heat inleak. These are very important factors when choosing a vacuum insulated piping system. We offer the complete size range of on site butt weld options; ideal for cryogenic plant applications.


Cryofin Pty Ltd

From small gas control panels to large complete system cylinder filling systems, Cryofin has the capabilities. We also design a completely integrated electronic control system. Offering a range of PLC options, programming, development of logic and Support for most popular brands of PLC and electronic instrumentation.

Systems include industrial and medical filling systems. Our medical systems are approved by The Theraputic Goods Administration (TGA). Filling systems to standard 300 barg pressures for all gases.

Our standard range of products include: Cryogenic Vaporisers, Vacuum Insulated Piping, Gas Control Systems and Instrumentation, Complex piping Systems and Research and Development of not only our own products, but in association and Partnership with other organisations.


  • - PLC Control Panels
  • - Instrument Control Panels
  • - Regulating Control Panels
  • - Fluid Dosing Panels
  • - Gas Dosing Panels
  • - Gas Mixing Systems
  • - Integrated Electronic Control Systems
  • - Flow Meters
  • - Valving

Cryofin Pty Ltd


Cryofin Pty Ltd

Cryofin has designed and manufactured numerous pieces of equipment and entire systems for industrial and medical applications.

Meeting International standards, Cryofin offers a complete range of cryogenic equipment catering for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, LNG, nitrous oxide and other exotic gases and liquids. Cryogenic piping, cryogenic valves, cryogenic pumps, liquid transfer lines, plant distribution, tanker filling stations, etc.. this is what we do.


  • - Cryogenic Piping Systems
  • - Cryogenic Control Systems
  • - ASU Plant Piping
  • - Liquid Dosing Systems
  • - Vaporiser Supply Piping
  • - Liquid Transfer Pumps
  • - Integrated Electronic Control Systems
  • - Cryogenic Flow Meters
  • - Cryogenic Valves
  • - Flexible Cryogenic Hoses
  • - Cryogenic Vaporizers
  • - Ambient Atmospheric Vaporizers
  • - Fan Forced Vaporisers
  • - High Pressure Vaporizers to 413 barg
  • - Water-Bath Vaporizers
  • - Electric Vaporizers
  • - Vacuum Insulated Piping
  • - Vacuum Insulated Valves
  • - Gas Phase Separators
  • - High Pressure Cylinder Filling Systems
  • - High Pressure Manifolds
  • - Cryogenic Piping
  • - Gas Reticulation Systems
  • - Cryogenic and Gas Control Panels
  • - Automation of Manual Systems
  • - Repair and Refurbishment

Dissolving Gases

Whether we are dissolving oxygen for aquaculture application or waste water, we have the right piece of equipment for you.


There are many options on dissolving oxygen for aquaculture applications, the task is to establish the most economical cost available based on the application and resources available.

Waste Water

There are high flow, low head pressure apllications as well as low flow high pressure applications and a vast range that fit somewhere between this. High pressure side streams systems need to be able to depressurise slowly to avoid stripping the dissolved oxygen out of solution, with low depth mixing this can be very challenging. If you see effervecences on the surface, your oxygen is making it's way back to atmosphere and your fish will not be getting the benefit.

dissolved oxygen - Cryofin Pty Ltd

Whatever the application, after 25 years of delivering great results to the aquaculture and waste water industries, we may be able to help you to a successful outcome.

dissolved oxygen

When you need to dissolve Oxygen, Ozone, CO2 or other gases, talk to Cryofin about your requirements today!

pH Control Systems

pH control

  • - 200T liquid CO2 storage on site

  • - up to 2,000 kg/h dissolution rate

  • - Prospect Water - NSW Australia

  • - Utilizing Cryofin water heated vaporisers

  • - Multiple applications Australia wide