Vaporizer comparison

Cryofin patent new cryogenic vaporizer:

Fundamentally, cryogenic vaporizers have not changed much since the 60's.

Sure we have seen improvements in extrusion design, support and bracketing features, internal fins, preferential flow control, spacing, hybrid designs and so on, but not much more.

When it comes to performance of traditional vaporizers, there is no huge difference whether it was built by our opposition or Cryofin. Traditional designs are very much alike.

As a direct result of the new cryoTHOR™ product lines, this similarity will all change. The cryoTHOR™ product will dominate this market.

Cryofin is actively looking for partner(s) who can demonstate an ability to take this new product to the global mass market.

Our new design will change ALL cryogenic vaporizers of the future. EOI to

What wil a CryoTHOR™ Cryogenic Vaporizers do differently?

Below is a snapshot of features and benefits of the cryoTHOR™ vaporizer:

increase duty cycles Reduce raw materials by up to 45%
increase duty cycles Increase duty cycles
increase duty cycles Enable faster thawing
increase duty cycles Enable significant cost reductions $$$$
increase duty cycles More structurally sound
increase duty cycles Reduce pressure spikes and surges
increase duty cycles Reduce labor to manufacture by up to 50%
increase duty cycles Can be used in conjunction with other heat sources

Opportunities like this don't happen everyday!

What about Vacuum Jacketed Piping?

The new $1 billion dollar state-of-the-art Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) features a cryo-lab capable of holding up to 55 x 80K -190 C freezers. The complimentary Vacuum Jacketed Piping system was designed and manufactured by Cryofin Pty Ltd.

Why Cryofin?

We have the best overall design, "leak-proof" bayonet joints, gas phase separators, gas heaters. It's the complete turnkey package. "We are extremely honoured to be a key part of this world class facility" says Graham Ball - CEO of Cryofin Pty Ltd.


Cryofin has 25 years of proven design experience in the cryogenic and industrial gases sectors. Our longevity indicates that something is being done right. Repeat business for 25 years says something special and we thank those customers for their continued support. We encourage other businesses that could equally benefit from our extensive product range and technical knowhow to contact us at to find out more.